1) N-COUNT: usu with supp A system is a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules. You can use system to refer to an organization or institution that is organized in this way.

The present system of funding for higher education is unsatisfactory.

...a flexible and relatively efficient filing system.

...a multi-party system of government...

The Court of Appeal has a pivotal role in the English legal system.

2) N-COUNT: usu supp N A system is a set of devices powered by electricity, for example a computer or an alarm.

Viruses tend to be good at surviving when a computer system crashes.

3) N-COUNT: usu supp N A system is a set of equipment or parts such as water pipes or electrical wiring, which is used to supply water, heat, or electricity.

...a central heating system.

4) N-COUNT: usu supp N A system is a network of things that are linked together so that people or things can travel from one place to another or communicate.

...Australia's road and rail system.

...a news channel on a local cable system.

5) N-COUNT: usu supp N Your system is your body's organs and other parts that together perform particular functions.

He had slept for over fourteen hours, and his system seemed to have recuperated admirably...

These gases would seriously damage the patient's respiratory system.

...the reproductive system.

6) N-COUNT: usu supp N A system is a particular set of rules, especially in mathematics or science, which is used to count or measure things.

...the decimal system of metric weights and measures.

...Trachtenberg's system of simplified mathematics.

7) N-SING: the N People sometimes refer to the government or administration of a country as the system.

These feelings are likely to make people attempt to overthrow the system...

He wants to be the tough rebel who bucks the system.

9) PHRASE: V inflects If you get something out of your system, you take some action so that you no longer want to do it or no longer have strong feelings about it.

I want to get boxing out of my system and settle down to enjoy family life.

English dictionary. 2008.

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